9600B series wiring diagram and technical standards

一、 9600B series

Features: functional, high-end use
Voltage level: 220V, 380V, 440V, 660V four voltage levels
Frequency range: 0-650Hz, 0-3200Hz
Features: Upgrade based on 9600A series,supports the three phase AC synchronous motor and supports vector control of permanent magnet synchronous motor without absolute position feedback.

二、Wiring diagram

三、Technology standard

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  • Ivan| 2019年5月12日

    Hello friend, I bought 6 9600 series inverters and try to control them modbus rtu but I can’t. The manual does not contain a description of the modbus registers and I do not know in which register to write the setpoint and to which register and bit to write the start command. I really hope for your help. I retool old machines and use ABB inverters, but they have a high price. If I could figure out how to set up a 9600, I would be happy and buy 30-50 pieces a year. My mail is ivan-club@inbox.ru

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