How to deal with the aging of the inverter

Inverter components performance deterioration, not a qualitative change phenomenon, but a quantitative phenomenon, into the machine for many years to use, like the capacitor electrolyte dried up, the transistor to reduce the ability to enlarge, the pin oxide components, etc., with the With the passage of time and gradually changing, so overhaul “old machine”, it is necessary to pay attention to this issue.

The definition of damage to such components, with aging, inefficient, failure, worse performance, with breakdown, open circuit, etc. is not appropriate. Components of the performance deterioration, the extent of its deterioration often vary greatly The phenomenon of failure and detection are also ever-changing, difficult to grasp, and often manifested as a difficult fault, or as a “soft fault”, people scratching his head – check No bad parts, but the circuit is clearly not the normal state! Overhaul of such failures, need to repair the basic skills of electronic circuits solid, years of accumulated experience, and even the psychic quality of maintenance, but also a test.

Fortunately, after all, this type of fault is a minority, generally or components “hard damage” as much. If the maintenance person is willing to accept such a challenge, the overhaul of such a soft fault will also translate into a fun, overhauling process can even become a enjoyable process (ordinary fault on the change, what fun at all It?), People are very sense of accomplishment. In our long-term overhaul work, we always encounter such a failure. We can accept this kind of machine without any modification and enjoy it. What’s wrong with it?

Some components, manufacturers have been given the useful life, such as the inverter cooling fan and electrolytic capacitors, manufacturers given the replacement period of 8-10 years. Fan is a rotating part, such as bearings, rotating parts, there is always wear and tear; In order to enhance the capacitance, the electrolytic capacitor with electrolyte inside, so there is the reverse leakage current production, installation and use should pay attention to its polarity. At the same time, as the service life increases, the electrolyte will inevitably dry up, so that the capacity decreased. After reaching the service life, in principle, the fan and electrolytic capacitor should be replaced, even if the inverter is not damaged.


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