How inverter works on air compressor

The use of the frequency converter in the air compressor system is precisely to enable the air compressor system to accurately control the electrical control and frequency conversion control, and immediately control the air compressor motor torque (ie, the ability to drag the load) without changing the air compressor motor torque. The motor speed (ie, output power) responds to system pressure changes by changing the compressor speed and maintains a stable system pressure (setpoint) to achieve on-demand output of high quality compressed air. When the air consumption of the system decreases, the compressed air provided by the compressor is greater than the system consumption. The compressor will reduce the speed and reduce the output compressed air volume; otherwise, it will increase the motor speed and increase the compressed air volume to maintain a stable system pressure value. . The function of the frequency converter in its system is the same as the power saving of the fan motor water pump. According to the load change, the frequency of the input voltage is controlled.

Its energy-saving principle and effect are as follows:

1. After the inverter is used, the pressure setting of the air compressor can be one point, that is, the minimum pressure that meets the requirements of the production equipment can be set pressure, and the inverter will adjust the speed of the air compressor according to the fluctuation of the pipe network pressure. The speed of the air compressor even eliminates the unloading operation of the air compressor and saves energy.

2. Because the inverter in the system makes the pipe network down pressure stable, it can reduce or even eliminate the pressure fluctuations, so that all the operating air compressors in the system are operated under a lower pressure that meets the production requirements, reducing the pressure. Power loss caused by upward fluctuations.

3, because the air compressor can not rule out the possibility of long-term operation under full load, it can only determine the capacity of the motor according to the maximum demand, so the design capacity is generally larger. In actual operation, the proportion of light-load operation time is very high. If frequency conversion speed regulation is adopted, the operating efficiency during operation can be greatly improved. Therefore, the inverter has a great potential for energy saving in the air compressor system.

4, some adjustment methods (such as adjusting the valve opening and changing the angle of the blade, etc.), even in the case of a small amount of demand, it can not reduce the operating power of the motor. After adopting the frequency conversion and speed regulation, when the demand is small, the rotation speed of the motor can be reduced and the operating power of the motor can be reduced, thereby further achieving energy saving.

5, single-motor drive system can not be continuously adjusted according to the severity of the load. The use of variable frequency speed regulation, it can be very convenient for continuous adjustment, can maintain the stability of pressure, flow, temperature and other parameters, thereby greatly improving the performance of the compressor.


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