What is the scope of use of the inverter?

The frequency converter is a kind of speed control device. Where it is useful to adjust the speed of the motor, especially the speed of the asynchronous motor, the inverter will be used. At present, it is mainly used on industrial equipment because the motor is the heart of the industry. The three-phase asynchronous motor occupies the majority of the proportion, so the inverter is used the most, and with the improvement of life, the inverter also uses a lot of life.

1. On the fan, it can be used to control the air volume, such as boiler drum induced draft fan, factory fan, central air conditioning fresh air fan and exhaust fan, which can adjust the wind speed according to the combustion condition or other requirements, and control the supply air volume. The role of the valve size.

2, the pump industry, industrial recycling water, life inverter constant pressure water supply, sewage treatment, the same reason some chemical liquid raw materials will also be used in the transmission of the frequency converter, these are also used to control some liquid flow or pressure use. As with the fan control, the accuracy required for the inverter is not high, and a dedicated fan-pump type inverter is used, which is relatively cheap and can meet the requirements.

3. Some transmission fields are used to control the transmission, such as conveyor belts and transmission rollers. It is necessary to control the transmission speed of materials to synchronize the overall production line. In this case, a general-purpose inverter can be used.

4, mixing, mixing, grinding, crushing, extrusion, throwing and some rolling occasions, need to let the equipment “bite” each other, so that the material is fully mixed, this process also needs control process, need to use the frequency converter to complete General general type can also meet the requirements.

5, hanging, hoisting, rewinding and other occasions, the inverter needs to achieve a certain synchronization and tension control, the accuracy requirements are relatively high, you need to use vector inverter or direct torque control type inverter.

6, air conditioning compressors and air compressors and other occasions, the current use of synchronous motors, control algorithms and asynchronous reality are similar, but also variable frequency speed control, just because of the motor, the efficiency is relatively high.

7. Automobile and motorcycle industry, from trains to electric vehicles, three-wheel electric vehicles and two-wheeled battery vehicles, vehicles, currently have inverters in use.

8. In the processing industry, robots, etc., the inverter can be used as a spindle or an important rotary table motor. If the servo is also regarded as a special inverter, it is used by each axis.


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