Solar inverter MPPT Photovoltaic Inverter Power Controller

Product introduction

Product name: photovoltaic inverter

Voltage level: 220V / 380V

Product description

The built-in MPPT controller for photovoltaic inverters has an excellent MPPT algorithm suitable for various solar panels. The main circuit uses intelligent power modules with high reliability and a conversion efficiency of about 95%. It is especially suitable for photovoltaic-driven fans and pumps load.

Three, servo drive characteristics of  machine
1.Support boost module , increase PV output voltage;

2. The speed range of the pump can be freely set according to the actual system situation;

3, soft start, reduce the top voltage spikes, with over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, overload and other protection functions;

4. Support photovoltaic input and AC grid input;

Fourth, matters needing attention
1. Do not use the inverter for overload. For example, the inverter power is lower than the motor power, or the ordinary motor is running more than 50HZ, otherwise the inverter will skip the load protection fault frequently, and even the explosion machine, the motor may be burned due to overheating.

2. The default upper limit frequency of the inverter is 50HZ, and the anyway function is turned off by default. If you need to change it, please contact the manufacturer for after-sale or follow the instructions to operate correctly;

3. Do not connect any switches in series between the output terminals U, V, W of the inverter and the motor, including contactors. Do not use the inverter as a power source. During the operation of the inverter, you cannot suddenly turn on any equipment through the switch.

4. The lead-in distance of the inverter’s operation panel should not be too long. If it exceeds 5M, it is recommended to use an external potentiometer to adjust the speed and connect it with a shielded wire. The terminal control mode can be used for start-stop control;
5. The panel connection cable is too long and is easily affected by harmonic interference, which makes the frequency control of the inverter inaccurate and the frequency fluctuates greatly;

6. The DC input voltage should meet the recommended voltage as much as possible, otherwise the solar energy conversion rate will be reduced;

7. The AC input and DC input switches cannot be closed at the same time, otherwise the inverter or solar panel will be damaged.


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