The VFD frequency inverter for water pump

The load of the production equipment of industrial enterprises is mostly AC asynchronous motors, and the power consumption accounts for about 65% of the total power consumption of the enterprise. Especially the efficiency of the pump load is relatively low. After China joined the WTO in 2002, the enterprise must reduce costs To improve economic efficiency. In order to enhance competitiveness, in reducing production costs, saving electricity is an important economic link. For example, in a water supply station, the water supply system is adjusted according to the demand of water consumption, and the flow rate is adjusted by adjusting the valve of the pump out door. Special personnel are required to watch the valve under different circumstances. The labor intensity is large. At the same time, due to the forced throttling of the valve, the pump forms a vortex impact, which generates strong vibration and noise, which increases the unfavorable loss of the service life and maintenance of the pump. Furthermore, because the torque of the motor is basically constant, the water supply pressure formed by this adjustment method is high, causing severe throttling power loss, reducing the efficiency of the pump, and wasting electric power.

With the development of electric power technology, the frequency conversion speed regulation technology is becoming more and more perfect. The intelligent water supply control system with frequency conversion speed regulation as the core has replaced the previous high-level water tank and pressure tank and other water supply equipment. Therefore, the impact on the power grid during starting is avoided; because the average speed of the pump is reduced, the service life of pumps and valves can be extended; the water hammer effect during starting and stopping can be eliminated. Its stable and safe operation performance, simple and convenient operation mode, and complete and thoughtful functions will make the water supply realize water saving, electricity saving, manpower saving, and finally achieve the purpose of high efficiency operation.


Frequency conversion speed regulation has the following advantages:
①The slip rate is small, the slip loss is small, and the efficiency can be as high as 90 ~ 95%.
②Smooth stepless speed regulation is realized, with high precision, wide speed regulation range (0 ~ 100%), and large frequency variation range (0 ~ 50Hz).
③ The starting torque is large (up to 1.1 times of the rated value), and the soft start can reduce the impact of the starting current.
④ Improve the power factor on the grid side.
⑤Inverter can use high-speed 16-bit CPU and special large-scale integrated circuit, use software to realize V / 5 automatic adjustment, with the function of online control with computer programmable controller, easy to realize automatic control of production process.
⑥Easy installation, convenient debugging and simple operation.
⑦Not only suitable for energy-saving speed regulation of pumps and fans, but also suitable for the transformation of old equipment, especially for improving process conditions and product quality.

Frequency inverter interference of the three major issues

1, The inverter on the computer control panel interference
In the use of inverter control system, the use of more computer or PLC control, the system design or transformation process, we must pay attention to the inverter on the computer control panel interference problems. As the user-designed microcomputer control panel generally poor level of technology, does not meet the EMC international standards, the use of frequency converter, the resulting conduction and radiation interference, often lead to unusual control system work, and therefore need to take the necessary measures.

2, The inverter itself anti-interference problems
When the inverter power supply system near the existence of high-frequency impact loads such as welding machine, electroplating power supply, electrolytic power supply or the use of slip ring power supply, the inverter itself prone to interference due to protection. Recommended users to adopt the following measures:
(1) Add inductor and capacitor on the input side of the inverter to form LC filter network.
(2) The inverter power cable is supplied directly from the transformer side.
(3) A separate transformer may be used where permitted.
(4) In the use of external switch control terminal control, the connection line is longer, it is recommended to use shielded cable. When the control circuit and the main circuit power are buried in the trench, in addition to the control line must be shielded cable, the main circuit line must be used steel pipe threading, reducing mutual interference, to prevent the inverter malfunction.

3, power quality problems
In high-frequency impact load such as welding machine, electroplating power supply, electrolytic power supply and other occasions, the voltage often flicker; in a workshop, there are hundreds of frequency converter and other capacitive rectification load at work, the power grid harmonic is very large, The quality of the grid is very serious pollution, the device itself has a considerable role in the destruction, ranging from not be able to continue normal operation, while causing the equipment input circuit damage. Can take the following measures:
(1) In the high-frequency impact load such as welding machine, electroplating power supply, electrolysis power supply and other occasions, users are advised to increase the static and static compensation device to improve the grid power factor and quality.
(2) In the workshop where frequency converter is more concentrated, it is recommended to adopt centralized rectification and direct current common bus power supply. Users are advised to use 12-pulse rectifier mode. The advantage is that the harmonic is small, energy saving, especially for frequent braking, electric operation and power generation running at the same time.
(3) Addition of passive LC filter on the input side of inverter to reduce input harmonics, improve power factor, lower cost, high reliability and good effect.
(4) Install the active PFC device on the input side of the inverter, the effect is best, but the cost is higher

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