What is the given way of the VFD? What does the frequency given mean?

Frequency given meaning and given way

Changing the output frequency of the frequency converter changes the speed of the motor. To adjust the output frequency of the inverter, the inverter must provide a signal to change the frequency. This signal is called the frequency reference signal. The so-called frequency reference mode is the way to supply the given signal of the inverter.

The inverter frequency setting mode mainly includes: panel operation given, input digital port given, analog signal given, pulse signal given and communication mode given. These given methods have their own advantages and disadvantages and must be selected according to the actual situation. The selection of the given mode is determined by the frequency setting parameter setting of the frequency converter.

Frequency setting mode parameter selection

The frequency reference mode of the inverter can be divided into panel operation reference and external port reference. The external port reference can be divided into digital port reference, analog port reference and communication interface. (Panel operation is also given by communication).

It can also be divided into digital reference and analog reference. The analog reference is divided into voltage reference and current reference.

In general, an ordinary inverter uses only one given mode to output the frequency, but in some cases, the frequency can be output in two different ways. At this time, the output frequency is the superposition of the given frequencies in two ways. .

The selection of the given mode is done with the general port configuration in conjunction with the setting of the frequency setting parameters.

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