380V 1.5KW PMSM motor driver



 +Advantages of Frequency inverters
Open – loop Vector Control of AC Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor.
High speed accuracy, wide speed range.
Low torque, torque ripple small.
Support a variety of PG card, a variety of motor drive.
No speed sensor vector control, can be applied to winding control.
Accurate identification of permanent magnet synchronous motor parameters, with self-learning function, to achieve high-performance torque vector control.
2ms can be updated within the PLC card and drive motherboard CPU between the commonly used data.
Can be achieved without encoder synchronous motor control, so that synchronous motor control popular.
Support a variety of bus control mode RS485, PROFIBUS-DP, CANopen.
Commitment to the purchase of our permanent magnet synchronous drive Genius 12 months, life-long maintenance.
+Technical specifications of ECOGOO AC drives


Input voltage


Output voltage

Three phase 380V



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