Shenzhen ecogoo Electric Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive company integrating R & D, production and sales of frequency converter and servo. The general manager and R & D team of the company have more than 10 years of frequency accumulator industry technology accumulation and patent, the company has its own brand , The standardization of production workshop and improve the volume management system, the production of products including general-purpose inverter, engineering-specific inverter, all kinds of non-standard inverter and synchronous motor server, the company’s products are widely used in electricity and electrical, textile, metal machinery , Petroleum, chemical, plastics, paper, tobacco and other industries. Products to the international advanced vector control technology, rigorous quality management system and improve after-sales service system, has won the industrial field of the domestic inverter brand recognition, customers all over the country, while products are also exported to the world more than 20 Countries and regions.

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